To define who is a choreographer, is not the main point of this perspective, each choreographer has probably a different definition for themselves. In the free scene, the role of the choreographer is frequently intertwined with others, and yet it can be helpful to approach a question or a situation exclusively from this point of view. A choreographer does not always have to dance and does not always have to initiate a project. This perspective invites you to focus for a moment only on the artistic responsibility of playing with time, space, movement, and bodies, and all the rest of the artistic means and material you like to work with, to focus on the experience of the creation.

As a choreographer…
… what am I responsible of?
… what am I not responsible of?
… how can I create clarity for the process?
… with whom do I want to work? Why?
… do I know what the other participants need?
… what do I need?
… what do I have? What am I missing?
… what type of internal structure do I want for the process?
… how do I prepare for the process?

Community Agreement Draft

A draft for a community agreement for teams who are starting to work together on a new project. It is useful to take some time at the beginning of the process...

NRW Landesbüro Tanz

NRW Landesbüro Tanz

Local + Regional Connection Base
A MUST! They are a regional organization, but their office is in Cologne, so you can go visit them.
A contact point for the professional dance scene in NRW. It initiates projects, cooperations and discourses in the field of professional contemporary dance and supports the work of dance professionals in NRW, offering collegial advice and organizing formats for exchange and qualification. They have a regional calender where you can publish your upcoming events.
Extra Tip: They send an reminder per e-mail to send your up-coming dates to be published on their printed and online Tanzkalender free of charge. Contact the team from PR to receive this reminders.

Working Conditions

A list of questions to make sure you have thought about and communicated important aspects of the working conditions before starting a project. Includes questions about: Time, Space, Payment, Creative Process, Collaboration with spaces