This perspective involves finding a balance in the everyday life to your support your artistic biography. This perspective is the most diverse one since it mixes private and professional questions and decisions. The dimension of the professional dance world changes as soon as it is placed next to the rest of the worlds that make up our daily lives, so how to create a healthy dynamic between them?


How do I set priorities?
How do I know when to say yes? And when to say no?
How much time and energy do I want to dedicate to my artistic practice?
Do I need a clear boundary between working time and off time?
If I want to keep on insisting, how to do it?
Is it about sustaining a certain status-quo, or is it about regeneration?

Hint: The book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron ( offers a guide to start finding answers for yourself. The author decided to keep this material free of charge, and you can find it a many different languages.

Community Agreement Draft

A draft for a community agreement for teams who are starting to work together on a new project. It is useful to take some time at the beginning of the process...

She was like Bämm!

She was like Bämm!

Local Connection Base
The KulturNetzKöln is a cross-sectoral cultural-political interest group and action platform for independent artists and cultural workers as well as their groups, ensembles, associations, initiatives and venues.
You can become a member by writing to…
Current speakers for dance: Barbara Fuchs, Sonia Franken

The path of the artist

The path of the artist

(PLATZHALTER) Ein Kompas für okolögisch nachhaltiges Produzieren im Kulturberiech. A compass for ecologically sustainable production in the cultural sector,...