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What is this?

Is an artistic residency only a space with four walls?  What should an artistic residency be? What it should not be?  What do dance artists need to work? Here, now, between us.

And of course, the essential follow-up question:​ who is responsible for these needs? The artists?  The spaces? Quartier am Hafen?  Where do we share a responsibility?

Who is responsible for addressing the problem of precarity?  Who is responsible for adding sustainability to the artistic processes and the artists´ lives? What can we do to shift the shaky work-conditions within the dance field?

All these questions illustrate the purpose of this project.

One question brings it to the point:  How could Quartier am Hafen support more artistic biographies and less artistic projects? They both have different temporalities, and until now the shortest one was being favored. How could the Residency Program at Quartier promote the sustainability in the careers of local dance artists?